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Casumo was founded in early 2012 when a parallel universe contacted us telling us that they were in desperate need of help. So they thought of the most fun and thrilling thing we could. It became, a casino designed from the ground up to make people smile.


A very easy to navigate site with all your favorite with a click it is no wonder this adventure casino is a fan favorite. There's a full search function so if you know what you want to play there is no need to search down the list for it and they make it easy to find newly released slot so you can give them a try.


Casumo delivers in every area providing great rewards like the casino free spins for there new and already established players with level up gained through playing more. It is crazy but in the end i almost get attached to my casumo character and when he gains belt you get that sense of achievement but as you move around the map it is possible to unearth prizes from vouchers to free spins.


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