Fruit Warp

Slot Features
Free spins: Yes

Features: Portal re spin/Fruit mode

Min/max bet: 0.10/100.00

Reels: N/A

Paylines: N/A
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Slot Review


Fruit warp is a brilliant looking 3D slot all about you guessed it… fruit. This slot does not have reels it also does not have paylines. The sound effects are decent and the fruit droping in is well done making for a pleasent playing experience.


Play fruit warp the first time you coud be left wondering what the hell is going on but after a few spins and close hits to go into bonus mode you will understand why this slot is so much fun. So in the base game three or more matching fruit equate to a win. Matching four or more results in a portal respin where the rest of the unmatching fruits re spin with a chance to trigger fruit mode where five or more fruits match. During fruit mode the fruits drop in giving you multipliers on win lines but more importantly you want the fruit mode trigger fruit to fall in to progress along the bar to bigger multiplier and even in most cases a extra life.


Fruit warp is a fascinating game with a clearly refreshing take on gameplay together with the fact that this can be played from as little as ten pence a spin makes it possibly one of the best slots of 2016.


gamble only while its fun.
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